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Waste tire crushing and granulation equipment

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Rubber grinders and rubber mills are a series of supporting equipment lines that can realize automatic block breaking, steel wire separation, and rubber powder separation, which are of great help to the downstream industry application of tire rubber powder. Rubber grinder and pulverizer are the most efficient and cost-effective models in the series of equipment launched by Gongyi Ruisec.

Waste tire crushing and granulation equipment
Waste tire crushing and granulation equipment

Brief introduction of rubber crusher: It is composed of a tire drawing machine, a tire shredder, and a set of rubber mills. It can automatically complete feeding, discharging, screening, wire sorting, automatic screening and other tasks.

Product features: It has the characteristics of wide use, stable performance, and simple operation. Workers can operate and use after simple training.

Product application: It is suitable for the crushing and grinding of waste tires and rubber tires. Other materials need simple configuration and improvement before they can be applied. The rubber granule equipment can recycle waste tires, waste rubber, waste shoe soles, rubber scraps, nylon tires, fiber tires and other waste rubber tire materials, so as to separate rubber from steel wires and fibers, so that the rubber materials can be recycled and reused. .

The range that can be processed:

Materials belonging to waste rubber, waste tires, waste high pressure oil pipes, waste rubber soles, etc. can be processed.

Finished product after treatment:

For the processing of waste rubber tires, it is a good equipment for developing tire recycling economy, green economy, and solid waste treatment resource processing and utilization.

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