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Waste tire processing and recycling environmental protection equipment


The SUNYGROUP waste tire recycling production line is fully automatic, and can also be equipped with a semi-automatic tire crushing and recycling equipment line. The process requires the thick steel wire in the tire to be pulled out for sorting and separation; it runs at room temperature without any chemical additives and will not cause secondary pollution. The easy-to-understand panel operation allows operators to easily get started without special training.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Combining the current actual situation and development, waste tires are crushed and recycled mainly by crushing and recycling. The collected waste tires are processed in a centralized manner. The tire crushing equipment is used for crushing, grinding to produce rubber particles or rubber powder, and then again It is widely used in various fields. After practice and application of process plans and operating conditions, waste tire crushing and recycling equipment has successfully realized industrialization, and significant economic benefits can be achieved after one year of operation. The 800 type scrap tire crushing equipment technology has the advantages of low energy consumption, good product quality, no pollutant emission, simple process, and easy operation control. It is currently a relatively advanced waste rubber tire decomposition processing technology.

Generally, equipment for recycling and processing waste tires is composed of fully automated environmental protection equipment such as tire shredders, waste tire shredders, or waste tire recycling production lines. Among them, the waste tire particle separation equipment line is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic two specifications, which are specifically divided into small-volume tire sales lines: 1. tire ring cutting machine; 2. tire cutting machine; 3. tire cutting machine; 4. , Steel wire separator; 5. Rubber pellet machine; High-yield tire sales line: 1. Tire wire drawing machine; 2. Tire shredder; 3. Steel wire separator; 4. Rubber pellet machine, which also plays a role in connection Conveyors of, there are input feeding, conveying and discharging, as well as vibrating screen, magnetic separator, dust removal system and other systems.

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