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How about copper electrolysis technology equipment


Copper has excellent properties and is easy to be recycled and reused. At present, there is a relatively complete recycling system for recycled copper in developed countries. For example, recycled copper production in the United States accounts for 60% of the total output, and Germany accounts for 80%. For China, which is short of copper resources, in addition to actively seeking copper resources overseas, it is very meaningful to develop a recycled copper industry. The copper electrolysis treatment and recovery equipment produced by Zhengzhou Asia-Pacific Energy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly aimed at refining the blister copper in the mixed metal to 99.9% pure copper, which has good economic value.

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Copper electrolysis treatment and recovery equipment Copper electrolysis treatment and recovery equipment is used to refine mixed metal blister copper into a pure copper production line of more than 99.99%.


1. The treated electrolytic waste liquid can fully meet the required discharge standards;

2. The electrolysis process is automatically controlled, which saves about 50% of labor compared with the traditional process;

3. The exhaust gas treatment system can recycle and produce useful chemical raw materials, increasing the benefits of enterprises;

4. The automatic electrode-changing electrolysis technology greatly improves the electrolysis efficiency and shortens the electrolysis cycle;

Work flow: Copper electrolysis treatment and recovery equipment is mainly based on the principle of copper electrolysis to purify blister copper. The separated metal part is cast into copper electrolytic anode plate through intermediate frequency smelting for electrolytic copper. Because a large number of non-ferrous metals are used in the circuit board manufacturing process , Rare earth metals and precious metals, in conventional electrolysis, the anode is often passivated, causing the electrolysis to proceed imperceptibly. It is recommended to adopt a pulse automatic electrode change electrolysis system, which not only effectively solves the problem of anode passivation, but also helps to loosen the anode mud. Fall off. The time adjustment is arbitrarily set on the cycle time relay on the panel of the electrolysis control cabinet.

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