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What are the methods for recycling waste wires?


Cable Stripping Machine

Cable Stripping Machine

1. Waste wire and cable treatment method Manual peeling method: This method uses manual peeling, which is low in efficiency and high in cost, and the worker's operating environment is poor;

2. Incineration method: The incineration method is a traditional method that burns the plastic skin of the waste cable, and then recovers the copper in it, but the resulting smoke pollution is extremely serious. At the same time, the surface of the copper wire is severely oxidized during the incineration process. , Reducing the metal recycling rate, the law has been strictly banned by the governments of various countries;

3. Mechanical peeling method: Use a cable peeling machine for processing. The method for processing waste wires and cables still requires manual operation. It is semi-mechanized, with low labor intensity and high efficiency. All kinds of cables and wires can be stripped.

4. Chemical method: The chemical method of processing waste cables was proposed in the 1990s. Some countries have conducted research on the treatment of waste wires and cables, and my country has also conducted research during the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period. One of the biggest disadvantages of this method is that the waste liquid produced cannot be processed and has a greater impact on the environment, so it is rarely used;

5. Freezing method: The method for disposing of waste wires and cables was also proposed in the 1990s. It uses liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant to make the waste cables brittle at extremely low temperatures, and then breaks and vibrates to make the plastic The skin is separated from the copper wire segment

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