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How to recycle waste tires through industrialization


Scrap tires are not only growing rapidly, but also seriously polluting the environment. Used tires are industrial hazardous solid waste and cannot be incinerated or buried. It will deteriorate the natural environment, destroy the growth of vegetation, affect human health, and endanger the ecological environment of the earth.

Waste tires can be recycled and reused through industrialization, generally divided into several aspects

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

1. Cracking, breaking waste tires into rubber blocks required for cracking, decomposing at high temperature to extract raw materials such as fuel oil, carbon black and steel; cracking has been a concern of countries all over the world for many years, and it is also a high-tech chemical utilization method, but So far, this method has not been produced on a large scale.

Second, it is a good way to make rubber powder from the perspective of environmental protection. Waste tires are made into powder by normal temperature crushing method and normal temperature chemical method. Rubber powder is widely used in sports plastic playgrounds, playgrounds, and rubber. Floor tiles, waterproof coiled materials, waterproof coatings, road modified asphalt, rubber products and other fields. Rubber powder is divided into different grades for different purposes. From the perspective of the utilization of renewable resources, this form is the most reasonable. Reclaimed rubber resembles natural rubber, but the price is much cheaper.

3. Tire retreading. Retreading tires is an important way for the recycling of waste tires. It is the extension and processing and reuse of the tire industry. It is of positive significance for promoting resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, and promoting the transformation of economic growth mode and sustainable development. As far as its prospects are concerned, the retreading of used tires, like the tire industry, is an indispensable industry in the automobile industry and transportation. With the modernization of automobiles and transportation, the requirements for high-speed safety of tires are becoming more and more stringent, and the requirements for leaving the factory for retread tires are getting higher and higher.

Fourth, the prototype is directly used, such as transferring it to low-speed vehicles, or changing it as a fender for port terminals, to slow down the impact force in the process of docking or mooring between ships and docks or ships, and eliminate damage to ships and docks. Although this form is the most ideal, it is difficult to expand the actual amount due to the limitation of the original shape of waste tires.

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