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Waste lithium battery crushing and recycling production line


Lithium battery crushing and recycling production line, in the focus of industry professionals in lithium battery recycling and reprocessing applications, the physical processing method of Gongyi Ruisec's lithium battery recycling equipment is mainly the front-end application of environmental protection equipment for cascade utilization, which can treat scrap lithium batteries , New energy lithium batteries, lithium battery pole pieces to achieve the purpose of disassembly and recycling, according to the recycling and reuse of lithium batteries of different shell materials, can be divided into common new energy lithium battery processing equipment, lithium battery processing equipment production line.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

The purpose of the lithium battery pole piece processing equipment is to realize the regeneration of the positive and negative electrode materials of the waste new energy battery, realize the application benefits of the invalid and worthless lithium battery pole pieces, and realize the green recycling journey. For Reseck, what is more general is the step-by-step development of our company in the past five years. Up to now, our company's lithium battery pole piece processing equipment has achieved industrialization, production, technology, industrialization, and efficiency. To support on-site test machine service.

The large-scale application of lithium-ion lithium batteries has increased the difficulty of post-processing and recycling. Due to the limitations of technology and capacity, many scrapped lithium batteries cannot be effectively treated, which causes environmental pollution. At this stage, there are certain shortcomings in the non-hazardous disposal and utilization of waste lithium batteries, and the relevant laws and regulations are not sound enough, making the recycling efficiency unable to guarantee. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a complete and systematic recycling mechanism to promote the treatment of waste lithium batteries to industrialization and scale. The direction of development.

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