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How to maintain and maintain the flat mask machine


The maintenance and repair of the flat face mask machine is very critical. The maintenance of the flat face mask machine can give the face mask machine a stronger job, which is safer, more efficient and more efficient. Therefore, in the case of maintenance of the flat face mask machine How should everyone do it?

The flat face mask machine can be repaired and maintained according to the following aspects, and the power must be turned off during the maintenance process:

Full automatic face mask 1+2 making machine

Full automatic face mask 1+2 making machine

①Ultrasonic management system: Check whether the management system of the ultrasonic mask machine is kept clean, especially the ultrasonic power box, vibrator (ultrasonic transducer), and ultrasonic mold must be dull and tedious to clean without ice, and the electrode connection line must be firm and often Query the damage level of the ultrasonic ultrasonic mold. Pay attention to the change of the operating scale of the ammeter and ammeter needle on the ultrasonic power box.

②Pneumatic management system: The air purification cup of the mask equipment must check whether there is water and add water to the air compressor by the way. In areas with high environmental humidity, the air compressor must be filled with water every day to check whether all the bronchial cylinders are If there is steam leakage, the cylinder magnetic induction switch direction and whether everything is working normally.

③Appearance: Protective masks are used to wear on the face, and medical surgical masks must also be entered in the clinic. Therefore, the production of protective masks must stipulate that the mask machine equipment is clean and tidy, and must be distributed every day after get off work. After turning off the power on standby, the staff will clean up the work cabinet countertops of the mask machine equipment and the dishes containing the protective masks. Note that it cannot be cleaned with tap water, and the machine and equipment should be cleaned with non-toxic and volatile cleaning fluids such as ethanol. At work.

④Electrical equipment management system: check and accept whether the connector of the power supply circuit of the mask machine is loose, whether the key power plug, branch power cord, etc. are damaged and embrittlement, whether the electrical equipment will loosen in the electrical equipment box It is not maintaining a dry natural environment, and whether the exhaust pipe electric fan is working normally.

⑤ Transmission system management system: The transmission system management system includes motors, transmission gears, reducers, sprocket chains, transmission chains, conveyor belts and other components. We need to check whether the motor has dust and other objects adhering to hazards to remove heat. Are the gears and sprocket chains oiled? If there are appendages, they should be cleaned and tidy. Whether the transmission chain is tight enough to have wood or dirt that has not been removed. The connecting screws between the transmission equipment are wood or loose. Reducer Whether the lubricating grease is enough, generally the grease must be replaced once in 1000-1500 hours.

⑥ Anti-rust treatment: machinery and equipment must not be stuck with easily erosible liquids and objects. Sweat can easily cause corrosion of machinery and equipment parts. If the machinery and equipment are not running for a long time, the transmission system management system of the protective mask and the very easy to rust Wipe the components with anti-rust agent.

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