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How to recycle used power lithium batteries?


In the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, the reuse of waste lithium batteries will become an important emerging industry, and many technologies and equipment are still in the early stages of development. Regarding the broad prospects of reusing used lithium batteries and power batteries, our company has developed power batteries after more than ten years of research, and developed new technologies for the recovery of power batteries, lithium batteries on-line dry method, and designed various power batteries, lithium batteries on-line crushing, sorting and recycling Production process. This technology is based on the theme of live crushing. It has the advantages of stable operation, safe production, beautiful appearance, energy saving and environmental protection, large output and labor saving. It is combined with the new high-efficiency hydrometallurgical technology of Changsha Mining Institute to develop various A complete set of production equipment for the recycling and utilization of a kind of lithium battery.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Processing process: The charged lithium battery passes through the anaerobic feeder, enters the oxygen-depleted crushing, after the crushing, the material is discharged through the isolation of oxygen and closed air, and enters the anaerobic high temperature and rapid volatilization. The volatilized material enters the sorting system to remove the plastic film. , Magnetic materials, iron, and copper-aluminum plastic shells in batteries are sorted out.

The remaining positive and negative plates enter the high-speed friction system for friction de-powdering. The de-powdered materials are air-sorted, screened and dust collected. The positive and negative poles, copper and aluminum metal particles, and plastics are separated, and then the charged positive and negative poles are separated. The negative electrode powder is sent to the anaerobic cracking system for anaerobic cracking. The combustible gas produced by cracking and the waste gas produced during the separation are comprehensively combusted. The heat produced by the combustion provides a heat source for the cracking furnace, and the waste gas decomposed at the front end is used as supplementary oxygen And organic gas, the exhaust gas after incineration is discharged through simple waste gas, cooling, spraying, filtering, aerosol separation, zeolite honeycomb or activated carbon catalytic treatment. The water needed in production is recycled (no external drainage source), and the noise during the production process also meets the national environmental protection requirements. The entire air separation waste gas and combustible gas combust each other to achieve comprehensive utilization and treatment of waste gas.

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