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Waste lithium battery crushing and separation production line, waste lithium battery powder recycling


The waste lithium battery crushing and separation production line once again breaks through the copper and aluminum sorting skills, facing the process of lithium-ion battery recycling and reuse, that is, crushing and recycling the valuable metals in the failed battery, and separating the positive and negative electrode powder from the graphite and the diaphragm paper. , And take the steps to re-use, the commonly used waste lithium battery disposal measures include hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy and mechanical physics. In order to alleviate the rapid economic prosperity caused by the increasingly dire funding shortage and environmental pollution concerns, the use and recycling of all waste materials has become the same globally. The general steps are as follows:

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

The scrap batteries enter the shredder to unfold and shred, and the shredded batteries enter the special crusher to unfold and shred. The positive and negative plates and the diaphragm paper inside the battery are scattered, and the scattered materials enter the collector through the induced draft fan. Afterwards, the dust formed in the crushing is collected and purified by the pulse dust collector, and the material entering the collector enters the air flow sorting screen through the closed air device, and the diaphragm paper in the positive and negative plates is unfolded and collected through the air flow and vibration. And collect the dust formed by the air separator. Afterwards, the mixture is separated and recycled by using a combination of hammer crushing, vibrating screening and air flow sorting to separate and recover the positive and negative electrodes of the waste lithium battery. The experiment uses ICP-AES to describe the metal grades of the experimental samples and separation and enrichment products.

Process flow chart explanation

Shredder: shred the lithium battery.

Crusher: Hammer and break the shredded lithium battery.

Magnetic separator: Separate the magnetic materials (nickel tape, ferrous shell connector in the battery) in the broken up mixture.

Collector: The dust (positive and negative materials, dust) in the whole system is collected and discharged under negative pressure.

Air sorting machine: Screen the crushed scattered materials, and at the same time use negative pressure to separate the diaphragm plastic and the positive and negative materials in the battery.

Crusher: crush the materials after airflow sorting.

Analysis machine: the crushed materials are separated by winnowing.

Swing screen: Screen the materials sorted by the analyzer, and separate the metals (copper, aluminum) and the positive and negative powders (battery materials).

Collector: collect and discharge the positive and negative powder.

Pulse dust collector: collect and discharge the dust and ultra-fine dust (that is, the positive and negative materials in the battery) generated during the operation of the whole set of equipment.

Spray tower: Purify the gas purified by the pulse dust collector again.

UV light de-smoke system: effectively remove the residual odor after purification.

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