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Metal and non-metal separation equipment-aluminum plastic sorting machine


In metal recycling, the separation of metals and non-metals is generally difficult.

Separating various metal resources from waste products is generally a relatively large part of the workload of recycling plants.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum Plastic Separator

For example, for the sorting of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum in home appliances, we can choose an eddy current sorter to separate non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and zinc.

According to the complexity of the material, the separation effect is about 98%.

This is a common sorting method in some recycling plants.

But it won't work when it comes to adhesive materials such as medical boards and aluminum-plastic door panels.

Eddy current cannot separate these items.

However, we still have a physical sorting device that can sort them.

That is the aluminum-plastic electrostatic sorting machine, which is sorted by the different electrical properties of metal and non-metal.

Before sorting, the items are broken into small particles.

Distinguish between metals and non-metals through the action of static electricity.

Because this sorting method uses the physical properties of different substances, its sorting effect is very good and the speed is fast.

According to different materials, the effect is about 99%. After sorting, metals and non-metals can be sold.

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