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Analysis shows the production line of waste lithium battery crushing and sorting equipment


Lithium batteries use lithium cobalt oxide, copper, aluminum, nickel, etc., so if they are discarded casually, they may still have a certain impact on the environment. There is also the electrolyte used in lithium batteries. The main components are dimethyl sulfate (DMC), diethyl carbonate (DEC), and ethylene carbonate (EC). Some organic waste gas volatilizes during the production process. Generally speaking, lithium batteries have little impact on the environment. Regardless of production, use and scrap, they do not contain or produce any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium; normal flatulence of lithium ion batteries is generally used To reach the life, the elements to be considered in the treatment of lithium batteries are the treatment of electrolyte and the treatment of non-metallic substances. However, the raw materials of lithium batteries are abundant, why can’t they be recycled? In Ji Xin’s view, the recycling process of lithium batteries is too complicated, and the mechanization of high value-added intermediate products such as positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolytes, and diaphragms are directly recovered from waste lithium batteries. The difficulty is great. Therefore, Jixin's lithium battery processing includes lithium battery system processing and lithium battery positive and negative electrode sheet processing, that is, different processing equipment is configured for different materials, which is more user-friendly and automated. In terms of equipment prices, Jixin can guarantee that the reused products have more advantages than new products in terms of cost and price, and are more in line with investment development.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine
Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium battery recycling equipment is an innovative technological process applied in the field of battery recycling, and it is also a business model that can be used in the overall industrial chain. The lithium battery recycling and processing equipment separates the waste lithium batteries into the raw materials we need by separating and regenerating the waste lithium batteries. The lithium battery recycling equipment uses multiple blades to crush the raw materials to crush and crush the raw materials, and the air flow sorting facility Carry out separation treatment, and have pulse dust removal facilities to collect dust generated during the separation process and subsequent processes. A green, high-quality closed circuit system for the entire life cycle of the battery is formed. The lithium battery recycling equipment mainly uses the aluminum and copper in the positive and negative plates of the scrap lithium battery to separate the positive and negative materials for recycling. The industry development environment is optimized, and the development prospects for the utilization of lithium batteries are considerable.

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