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Dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine solves the problem of low utilization rate of waste wires


The next ten years will be a decade of rapid development in the recycling of domestic renewable resources. By 2025, more than 85% of renewable resources will be recycled. This includes waste wires, cables, etc. In recent years, the overall scale of the renewable resource industry has been small, and it has faced problems such as weak recycling, low utilization, and low processing capacity. Many waste wire recycling centers have equipment that no longer meets the needs of future development. To realize the healthy and orderly development of the waste wire recycling resource industry, it is necessary to introduce new Cable Wire Recycling Machines to improve the efficiency of treatment and utilization and establish reasonable and scientific recycling. Resource recovery system.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

SUNYGROUP’s dry-type copper metering machine can smash and separate waste electrical cables and fully utilize them, and completely process and recycle waste electrical cables without polluting the environment. The separated copper metal can be directly smelted, wire plastic particles, rubber particles It can also be recycled and processed into plastic products. The advantage of the dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine is that it has good separation effect, no pollution, automatic production, low investment, one person can produce it, and can adjust the wind speed and knife distance according to the diameter of the waste wire for effective separation and recovery, and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization. High economic benefits. The dry-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine can separate waste wires from a wide range of sources, including high-voltage cables, optical fibers, automotive cables, household wires, computer cables and other waste miscellaneous wires. After treatment, the plastic and copper meters can be reused or sold directly. It is considerable, and has formed a virtuous circle of recycling and processing of waste materials, which is a long-term development plan.

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