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Why are the application fields of waste tire processing equipment more and more extensive


Waste rubber, rubber belts, waste tires, waste conveyor belts and other materials are processed by the waste tire treatment equipment system. The materials processed by the waste tire processing equipment system are turned into treasures from these garbage, and become rubber particles of 1-6mm or rubber powder of 10-40 mesh. Or steel wire, these materials can be reused in the application of roads, reclaimed rubber, modified asphalt, rubber runways, floor tiles, floor mats and other products to achieve ecological benefits, social benefits, economic benefits and other win-win goals.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Using the investment in waste tire processing equipment to make money, Resec has improved its technology and production capacity time after time. Now that it has been optimized and strengthened, the waste tire recycling equipment line has higher strength, better performance and more compact structure. , And play an important role in the secondary recovery of resources.

The high utilization rate of reusing waste tires on-site is also the reason why the application fields of waste tire tire treatment equipment are becoming wider and wider. According to the standards of production capacity and the different needs of the finished products, our company has launched semi-automatic waste tire treatment equipment. For the process selection of automatic waste tire processing equipment, the complete set of equipment can be configured into different combinations according to requirements to meet the requirements of the corresponding process requirements and production scale.

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