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Aluminum-plastic separator is essential in the solid waste recycling industry


In the solid waste recycling industry, the separation of metals and non-metals and the treatment of impurities are an important part, such as the separation of copper and plastics, aluminum and plastics, and metals and non-metals. The equipment for separating aluminum and plastic is that the separated aluminum particles and plastic particles can be directly sold in the market. It is a professional separation equipment for aluminum and plastic, also called aluminum-plastic separator. It has good separation effect, and the sorting rate can reach more than 99.8%. The equipment for separating aluminum and plastics is very convenient to use. It does not require too much labor. The automated procedure makes it faster for the operator. At the same time, the electrostatic separation method is used to ensure the separation effect and achieve the ideal State, meet the industry's requirements for aluminum, so as to better apply to the market.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

The equipment for separating aluminum and plastic is mainly suitable for conductors and non-conductors, minerals, and aluminum-plastic composites. Metal and non-metal mixture particles are separated. The working principle of the equipment for separating aluminum and plastic: due to the difference in the electrification of the material, the conductor is thrown into the upper discharge port by rotating the roller, the non-conductor enters the lower discharge port, and some materials that are not clearly sorted enter the electrostatic separator again The sorting machine performs sorting to ensure high sorting efficiency. The equipment for separating aluminum and plastic solves the situation that various waste aluminum and plastics cannot be recycled, alleviates the pollution caused by waste, solves the problem of resource recycling, and well protects the environment and creates considerable economic benefits.

The equipment for separating aluminum and plastic is a new type of metal resource equipment, and the equipment for separating aluminum and plastic is widely used in aluminum and plastic recycling. Its main function is to separate aluminum and plastic, using a physical separation method, which will not cause pollution to the environment, and at the same time achieve the effect of recycling resources.

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