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Circuit board recycling equipment can sort out rare and precious metal renewable resources


With the acceleration of the update of electronic products, the number of discarded printed circuit boards (PCB), the main component of electronic waste, is also increasing. The environmental pollution caused by waste PCBs has also aroused the attention of various countries. On the waste circuit boards, there are nearly 20 kinds of non-ferrous metals and rare metals, with high recycling value and economic value, and it is a real mine waiting to be mined. Electronic waste usually contains a large amount of toxic substances such as lead, chromium, mercury, etc., which cause great pollution and wide harm. Improper disposal will not only cause waste of resources, but also cause great environmental pollution, and even directly threaten human health. After professional recycling, through professional disposal such as "crushing-dismantling-sorting", renewable resources such as copper, aluminum, plastics, and rare precious metals can be sorted out, which has great economic value.

Precious Metal Refining Machine

The waste circuit board recycling equipment adopts a self-designed single-shaft shredder, which is an environmentally friendly equipment with low energy consumption, low noise and high production capacity. The crushing effect is ideal; the core part of the crushing and separating host is based on the comprehensive absorption of domestic and foreign successful experience. The principle is to use the movable knife to collide with the first crushed material at a high speed to crush it. The movable knife is made of alloy tool steel through a special heat treatment process. The ring-type fixed knife in contact with the material is made of high hardness and high wear resistance. 16 manganese steel is manufactured by a special process, the tool has a long service life, the material is crushed and separated thoroughly, which can improve the recovery rate of the metal; the user's affirmation is inseparable from our hard work, and the equipment must meet certain requirements To meet the needs of users, we must work hard on the quality and innovation of the equipment. Only by doing a good job of every set of circuit board dismantling and recycling equipment can we be worthy of every one of our users.

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