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What is a copper wire recycling machine and what is its use?


The replacement of wire and cable has produced a large amount of waste wire and cable. If discarded at random, it will easily cause environmental pollution and is not conducive to resource conservation. It is very necessary to carry out recycling and treatment of waste wire and cable. Wire and cable are mainly composed of rubber and metal, and waste wire and cable can recycle waste metal and waste plastic. The copper wire recycling machine is made for waste wire. The copper wire recycling machine automatically separates the copper from the PVC of the wire sheath and the plastic particles have no residual copper, which can ensure the quality of the copper metal.

copper wire recycling machine
copper wire recycling machine

Various waste wires with a diameter of 5-20mm, such as circuit wires, cable wires, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires, and headphone wires, are used. The copper meter machine is easy to operate, and the labor cost is correspondingly low. Its service life Long, one piece of equipment can provide the industry with a continuous flow of copper meters, saving a lot of raw material costs. Circuit wires, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires, earphone wires and other waste wires with a diameter between 0.5-20mm can be directly produced using copper wire recycling machine equipment. The industry buys waste wires at a low price and produces them by themselves. Copper meters.

For the purpose of comprehensive utilization, it has high economic benefits, is a good environmental protection equipment for getting rich, and is also a project for getting rich with good development prospects. The emergence of copper wire recycling machine saves resources, protects the environment, and can recycle and reuse valuable resources. The operation process of the copper wire recycling machine equipment is closed. The copper wire recycling machine is equipped with a bag dust removal and air filtration system to ensure the loss of materials and dust emissions, and effectively control the dust.

After being broken and shredded, the waste wires and cables become plastic crushed pieces and copper meters, making them move forward on the sieve surface waveform, and the core skin is separated by the double action of airflow push suction and linear vibration of the screen box. The mixture of copper and plastic is sent from different outlets, and the dust reaches the dust collector through the air duct.

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