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How to calculate the copper output rate of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine?


Automotive circuit lines, motorcycle lines. Battery car lines. TV sets. Washing machines. Refrigerators. Air conditioners and other household appliances lines. Communication lines. Computer lines and other wire stripping machines. The waste and miscellaneous wire is handed over to the Cable Wire Recycling Machine for processing. How to calculate its copper output rate:

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The amount of copper in a wire has a certain specification and ratio, which is determined by the wire diameter of the wire. For example, the national standard 2 square copper wire contains 55% copper and 275 grams of pure copper per catty; the national standard 4 square copper wire contains 75% copper and 375 grams of copper per catty. The copper content of the scrap car line is 50%, 1 ton of waste wire can be conservatively calculated to get 0.5 tons of copper, 1 ton of waste wire can be conservatively calculated to get 0.5 tons of plastic, which will be higher, and the daily output of dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine is more than 0.5 Tons of copper and 0.5 tons of plastic, the recovery rate of copper can reach more than 99!

The continuous development of communication, electric power and other industries has made the demand for metal wires more and more. Due to the rapid replacement of new and old products, the amount of waste wire and cable recycling is increasing year by year, and its environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. The problem of recycling waste wire and cable has received more and more attention. At present, the main use of mechanical crushing and sorting technology is the recycling of used cables.

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