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Environmental protection circuit board recycling and processing equipment


The research and development of waste circuit board recycling equipment has successfully solved the environmental pollution caused by electronic interference, and the separated renewable resources fully reflect the value of the equipment.

The waste circuit board recycling processing equipment adopts a self-designed single-shaft shredder, which is an environmentally friendly equipment with low energy consumption, low noise and high production capacity. The crushing effect is ideal; the main part of the crushing and separation host is based on the comprehensive absorption of domestic and foreign successful experience The principle is to use the movable knife to crush the highly crushed material quickly and crush it. The movable knife is made of alloy tool steel through a special heat treatment process, and the ring gear fixed knife in contact with the material uses high hardness and high wear resistance. The special 16 manganese steel is manufactured by a special process. The cutter has a long size, the material is crushed, and the separation is complete, which can improve the metal recovery rate.

waste circuit board recycling equipment
waste circuit board recycling equipment

At the same time, in order to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment during the operation of the equipment, shock absorption, noise reduction and sound insulation devices have been designed in the main power equipment. The vibration and noise generated by the equipment during the production process can be well controlled and the work is improved. Conditions and living environment; in the process of crushing and high-speed crushing and separation of waste circuit boards, in order to prevent the generation of high temperature and odor, the cooling spray system and activated carbon adsorption tail gas treatment system added during the design make the tail gas discharged into the atmosphere environmentally friendly Emission Standards.

The treatment scheme for the waste circuit board by the waste circuit board recycling processing equipment mainly adopts the physical separation technology, the process is simple, the treatment cost is low, and it is suitable for the treatment of waste circuit board and copper clad board. The waste circuit board recycling processing equipment meets the metal demand of various production enterprises, and also solves the environmental pollution caused by waste electronic products and electronic waste to society.

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