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Matters needing attention when purchasing folding mask machine

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Wearing a mask can be useful in preventing some diseases from being infected by air. With the development of industrial automation, masks are also produced through automated machinery. The first choice is the folding mask machine.

Regarding the filter material of a good protective mask, the following three conditions should be met. First, the filtering efficiency is high under the condition that the mask is close to the user's face and outstanding, second, the permeability of the breath is good, and the third is the comfort of the mask. There are many raw materials for dust-proof mask filter materials, such as general fabrics, animal hair, non-woven fabrics, activated carbon felt and other materials.

Due to the poor molecular structure of the gauze mask, many fine damage particles will enter our lungs through the fine air of the mask. The filter material of gauze masks is mostly some mechanical fabrics, and the dust resistance of gauze materials is low, as long as the thickness of the mask is added to achieve the effect, but this makes the user feel that the breathing resistance becomes greater and the comfort experience of the mask deteriorates. However, after electrostatic treatment, the nonwoven fabric can not only block large dust particles, but also the electrostatic charge attached to its surface can absorb fine dust. After treatment, the thickness of the filter material is very thin, which allows the user to breathe smoothly, thus satisfying the three necessary conditions of the good filter material we mentioned earlier.

Full automatic face mask 1+2 making machine
Full automatic face mask 1+2 making machine

But on the market, there are many product masks produced by different types of folding masks. Many brothers do not know how to choose a mask style that meets the conditions. The following masks have several different styles of masks. When choosing a mask, choose the effect that can effectively protect human health.

1. Cup mask

Cup-shaped masks are odorless, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-toxic, and glass-free. They are soft, hand-feeling, efficient, low-toxic, deodorant, clean, convenient, and safe.

Second, folding mask

Folding masks are a kind of folding planning masks, which are easy to carry, have a common planning shape, and can ensure close contact with the face. They are suitable for most face shapes, and are mainly suitable for construction, stone mining, sanding, electronics, food processing, etc. Protection against dust.

3. Medical masks

Medical masks belong to a kind of national inspection. Protective mask products with high safety and cleanliness are widely used by doctors in hospitals. They are mostly disposable, convenient to use, and do not need to be washed. Compared with civilian masks, they have more protective effects on respiratory diseases.

4. Civil masks

Civil masks can be divided into a variety of raw materials such as cotton cloth, second cloth, activated carbon, etc. The more the mask layer, the better and stronger the protective effect against the germs.

The masks produced by different types of mask machine equipment are not the same, and the methods of production are also very different, so when we choose or buy a folding mask machine, we must consider the applicable environmental conditions to ensure that we buy A product mask suitable for the environment, to prevent the purchase of product masks that are not suitable for the environment, so as not to get the protective effect of the mask.

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