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The latest aluminum-plastic separation and recycling technology

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With the development of industry nowadays, abandoned aluminum-plastic composite materials are relatively common. We all know that aluminum metal is still widely used in industry, such as some pill plates, food packaging bags, candy paper, capsule plates, etc. All need to use aluminum, and the appearance of aluminum-plastic sorting equipment solves the resource recycling of a large number of waste aluminum-plastic composites. The development of Henan aluminum-plastic sorting equipment manufacturers is changing rapidly, and the development of aluminum-plastic recycling industry is also intensifying.

The latest aluminum-plastic separation and recycling technology
The latest aluminum-plastic separation and recycling technology

Structural characteristics of aluminum-plastic sorting equipment: 1. The entire assembly line adopts PLC intelligent programming automatic control and man-machine interface touch screen to make the entire production line feed uniformly and coordinate work. 2. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, and crushing equipment Noise treatment, 3. The crushing and crushing parts are cooled by a circulating water refrigerator, and the plastic will not be melted or discolored due to the temperature rise caused by the equipment for a long time. 4. The physical and crushing, electrostatic separation methods are used Separation is an environmentally friendly separation equipment. Scope of application of aluminum-plastic separation equipment: It is suitable for aluminum-plastic separation where food replaces the original chemical agent. 5. The whole production line is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment to purify the working space. 6. The purity of aluminum-plastic separation is high.

In the solid waste recycling industry, the separation of metals and non-metals and the treatment of impurities are an important part, such as the separation of copper and plastics, aluminum and plastics, and metal and non-metals. The aluminum-plastic separation equipment is that the separated aluminum particles and plastic particles can be directly marketed. It is a professional equipment for separating aluminum and plastic. It has good separation effect and the separation rate can reach more than 99.8%. Aluminum-plastic sorting equipment is mainly suitable for conductors and non-conductors, minerals, aluminum-plastic composites, etc. Separation of particles from a mixture of metal and non-metal. The working principle of aluminum-plastic sorting equipment: due to the difference in the chargeability of the materials, the conductor is thrown into the upper discharge port by rotating the roller, and the non-conductor enters the lower discharge port, and some materials that are not clearly sorted enter the electrostatic separation again. Machine sorting to ensure high sorting efficiency. With the development of the times, aluminum-plastic materials have been widely used in various fields of human life. The use of waste aluminum-plastic sorting equipment will allow these waste aluminum-plastic materials to be reasonably recycled and reused without secondary pollution. It is produced by environmental protection and energy-saving separation method, and the investment recovery effect is obvious.

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