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Principles of medical disposable masks

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Medical disposable masks are essential respiratory protection supplies for medical workers and patients when they come in contact with each other. They play a two-way role in isolating germs and protect patients and medical workers from infection by each other. The medical disposable mask looks simple in structure, so how does it work? Is there anything to pay attention to in use?

The working principle of medical disposable mask filter

First, the working principle of medical disposable mask filter

1. Diffusion deposition: Brownian motion of particles diffuses to filter fibers and is adsorbed by molecular gravity. It is easiest to capture small-scale particles, fine fibers, and particles moving at low speeds.

2. Retention and deposition: Larger particles that move with the air flow are retained by the mechanical sieving action of the filter material. The ratio of the particle diameter to the diameter of the filter fiber affects the interception efficiency.

3. Inertial deposition: When the particles pass through the curved mesh channel of the filter material, the particles leave the airflow and impact the filter fiber due to inertia, and are trapped by the molecular gravity. Large particles, high density, fast retention at good speed.

4. Electrostatic attraction deposition: The particles are deposited by the electrostatic effect of the filter fibers.

The smaller the particles, the stronger the 1, 4 deposition effect, and the larger the particles, the better the 2, 3 effect, so the smaller particles are more difficult to filter. Synergistic effect of the comprehensive filtering mechanism, the range of particle diameters of ordinary mechanical filter media is 0.1m ~ 0.3m.

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