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Circuit board sorting and recycling equipment workflow

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Circuit board recycling equipment is simply equipment that recovers metal from waste electronic waste through some physical processes. Today we will tell you how to recover copper from some electronic waste.
After entering the information society, various electronic products have grown rapidly, and the replacement of smart home appliances, personal computers, and smart phones has become faster and faster, and the resulting electronic waste has also grown at different rates. The core components of these electronic products, printed circuit boards (PCBs), contain a large number of renewable resources such as copper, iron, zinc, tin, and gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. Some metals are several times or even dozens of times more pure than natural ores.

Circuit board recycling equipment

The emergence of circuit board recycling production lines not only solves the environmental pollution caused by these electronic wastes, but also creates huge benefits for customers who have a large number of raw materials.

Our company's circuit board recycling production line first disassembles some large electronic waste components in disassemblers into components of different sizes and types. In order to solve the pollution problem during dismantling, we are also equipped with oil and alkali spray equipment to ensure that the problem of environmental pollution is solved.

In order to make the next processing of the components more convenient, the disassembled components are classified by a linear screen. I think everyone should be able to guess the follow-up work. These classified components pass through the shredder and the mill in turn until they meet the customer's requirements. The mixtures that meet the requirements are sorted and recovered under the action of air flow separators and electrostatic separators according to the specific gravity, density, and strength of electrical conductivity. And the copper we need is separated after air separation.

In order to solve the problem of environmental pollution, our production line is equipped with fully enclosed pulse dust removal equipment. The treated gas meets environmental protection requirements.

The copper in the circuit board can be recovered through our circuit board recycling production line. If you are sitting at the hand or the computer, you have related needs, please contact us.

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