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Environmentally friendly and efficient lithium battery recycling equipment process technology

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We (SUNY GROUP) use the non-ferrous metals in lithium batteries and new energy power lithium batteries as raw materials, and use physical processing to achieve the separation and recovery of copper and aluminum, black powder (precious metal powder), and separators in lithium batteries Combined with the continuous industrialized production process to re-separate copper and aluminum, this is the main technology of our lithium battery recycling equipment, and it is also the technological background for improving the quality and efficiency of processing non-ferrous metals.

Relevant lithium battery processing equipment and lithium battery pole piece processing equipment of our company's lithium battery recycling and processing equipment series are based on the new energy waste wave. A large number of lithium batteries are difficult to process and difficult to process. It is imperative to develop and produce Environmentally-friendly clean sorting process, our lithium battery recycling equipment process technology has the characteristics of low production costs, green environmental protection, short process and so on.

lithium battery recycling equipment

1. The technology and production line of lithium battery with aluminum shell, steel shell, plastic shell, hard shell and other materials have been put into operation.

2. Cleanliness The technology that uses high-efficiency and environmentally friendly processing technology to separate the lithium battery pole pieces, copper and aluminum, and positive and negative electrode active materials has no solid waste.

3. Dispose of scrapped, unusable lithium batteries into recyclable copper and aluminum metals. Precious metal resources are particularly important. The lithium battery recycling equipment of SUNY GROUP is a professional processing and recycling equipment line.

4. Taking the physical method of shredding, crushing and recycling of lithium battery recycling equipment as the background, the capacity from 200kg / h-2000kg / h is the selection standard. Our company provides more professional non-standard custom lithium battery recycling equipment experiments. Line craft.

Through various process technology descriptions, the environmental protection benefits of lithium battery recycling equipment to improve the quality and efficiency of non-ferrous metals are obvious. This research process and development road.

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