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E waste recycling machinery&Processing Project

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Background for E-waste processing:Electronic waste mainly consist of waste computer, air conditioners, washing machines, TV sets and other household appliances. The e-waste contains many harmful substances such as heavy metal, PVC plastic,brominated flame retardants etc, if not handled properly, it can cause pollution problem. Electrical appliances plastic or steel shell, circuit boards, glass, electricity wires, components such as resistors, capacitors can be separated and recycled by our equipment in a environmental friendly way.

1.Electronic Waste quantity keep rising and lack of effective recycling.

E waste recycling machinery

2.Electronic Waste Pollution, Informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries causes serious health and pollution problems.

The electronic waste toxicitytoxicity is due to lead, mercury, cadmium and a number of other substances A typical computer monitor may contain more than 6% lead by weight.

E waste recycling machinery

3.High metal value in the E- waste

A.Natural gold resources: mostly gold exist in the low quality ore: gold content 0.5-3/ton

B.High content of precious metal in the PCB

E waste recycling machinery

4.Present Recovery Condiction

Acid Stripping of Chips-one of the major challenges is recycling precious metal from the printed circuit boards In India some citys and south of China(Guiyu county), this is done by using highly concentrated acids which emits dangerous fumes which can result in severe health problems.

E waste recycling machinery

Processing flowchart of environmental friendly pcb precious metal extraction technology without cyanide

E waste recycling machinery

E waste recycling machinery Processing Flow Chart

E waste recycling machinery

Feasibility Analysis Report

E waste recycling machinery

Main Products of e waste recycling plant

TV & PC Disassembly Machine

Home Appliances Machine Recyding Dismantling Line

PCB Dismantling Machine

Waste PCB Recycling Plant

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