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What's Application Scope of Rubber Powder?




What's Application Scope of Rubber Powder?


What's Application Scope of Rubber Powder?


1. To make production sheet of reclaimed rubber by desulfurization process.

2. Colorized resilient floor tile.

3. Waterproof roll, waterproof paint and waterproof sealing materials, etc.

4. Modified asphalt.

5. Modified plastics.

6. Construction of rubberized playgrounds, plastic runway and artificial grass; the application in this area has been doubled and redoubled.

7. Plugging and wall stabilizing of oil field.

8. Addition of railway track.

9. High-grade highway caulking mastic.

10. Pressing all kinds of soles.

11. Combining waste rubber powder with waste plastic powder to produce new environmentally friendly TPE.

Application of Rubber Powder

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